The WitchTea Family

Hiya, we're Aelita and Ember; the owners of WitchTea We're a trans couple determined to make high quality tea normal. We don't charge luxury prices, we talk plain English, and we'll deliver a good brew.

  • Aelita

    Aelita is a complete nerd who loves technology, history and science. She originally sought a career in computing, but after being unemployed for two years, she decided to turn her passion for tea into a business.

  • Ember

    Ember loves hospitality and crafts. From woodworking to catering, she's done a bit of everything. Without her, WitchTea wouldn't be here. Literally, she built everything in our warehouse.

  • Muffin

    Muffin is our employee of the month, every month. She's fluffy, likes to eat tuna, and helps by being adorable. While she's allowed nowhere near the tea or our equipment, she's an excellent companion. She's often found by the village church, watching the world go by.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why'd you call yourselves WitchTea?

We're both pagans, and couldn't help but find the pun "Witch Tea" funny. So here we are, with our silly crooked hat and tea cup.

How big of a company are you?

Just two people (Aelita and Ember). We run the business from our house, with occasional appearances at markets and fairs.