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Candy Crone’s Butterscotch

Candy Crone’s Butterscotch

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As soon as you open this one, you'll be hit by the sweet smell of caramel with a slight floral hint. It's utterly mouthwatering, and you can enjoy this tea with and without milk.

With milk, the caramel flavour is very noticeable without being overly sweet. Without milk, the flavour is a complex mix of caramel and floral elements.

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  • Ingredients

    Black Tea, Calendula Petals, Sunflower Petals, Natural Flavours

  • Instructions

    Steep 1tsp of tea in 100°C water for 5 minutes.

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Responsible Packaging

All our packaging is biodegradable and ethically sourced.

Our resealable tea pouches are made from 60% renewable wood pulp and will biodegrade into benign elements within 2-5 years.

Our green mailing pouches are made from recycled materials and also start to biodegrade after about a year.

Individually Taste Tested

At WitchTea, we'll never sell anything that we don't personally enjoy. We taste test every new product to ensure it's quality and deliciousness.

Obviously, our taste buds are not yours. If you ever come across something you don't like, let us know. We'll be happy to suggest alternatives for the future.

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