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Pride Tea

Pride Tea

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Introducing our Pride Tea, the very first in-house blend we've made. We wanted to do something special for Pride, so we crafted this blend to be as colourful as the Pride flag while also being a delightful twist on a British classic. 

Using a deliciously strong black tea as a base, we've thrown in a rainbow of various petals and added lime leaves for an awesome citrus zing. Add a bit of honey and you've got a super cool twist on the classic lemon-honey tea combo.

We're also not here to pinkwash: as members of the LGBTQIA+ community ourselves, we know right now sucks. Hate crime is at an all time high and the trans community in particular have been cruelly turned into a political football. That's why we're donating 100% of the profits we make from this blend directly back to the community. Specifically, we'll be donating to GALOP; a UK charity dedicated to helping LGBTQIA+ victims of abuse and violence.

So grab a bag, put the kettle on, and let's celebrate love, equality and diversity with a good cuppa!

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  • Ingredients

    Black Tea, Lime Leaves, Cornflower Petals, Calendula Petals

  • Instructions

    Steep 1tsp of tea in 100°C water for 5 minutes.

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Why WitchTea?

Responsible Packaging

All our packaging is biodegradable and ethically sourced.

Our resealable tea pouches are made from 60% renewable wood pulp and will biodegrade into benign elements within 2-5 years.

Our green mailing pouches are made from recycled materials and also start to biodegrade after about a year.

Individually Taste Tested

At WitchTea, we'll never sell anything that we don't personally enjoy. We taste test every new product to ensure it's quality and deliciousness.

Obviously, our taste buds are not yours. If you ever come across something you don't like, let us know. We'll be happy to suggest alternatives for the future.

Happy to Have a Chat

We're always happy to talk about tea! So if you are looking for recommendations, want to give us some feedback, or simply want to talk about our teas, give us a message!

You can do so directly from our website, via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We'll reply as quickly as possible.